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Name of the festival: March Equinox Festival in the EESystem

Dates: March 20th and March 21st 2024

Location: Maahi Wellness, 1118 W 8th Avenue

Why are we running a March Equinox Festival?

Watch video below where Dee-Founder of Maahi Wellness explains the significance of healing and celebration and rituals during the Spring Equinox portal


Experience potent healing energy in the EESystem during the March Equinox Portal

Why the March Equinox festival is potent?

The March (Spring) Equinox is practically, physically, emotionally and spiritually a FABULOUS time of energetic opportunity. It’s a time when the sun is directly over the equator causing day and night to be of equal length. For many ancient cultures they knew that this time for an important reminder for finding balance in our own lives- between work and rest, activity and stillness, giving and receiving. It’s a time to connect with the energy of the earth and the cosmos through meditation, ritual and celebration. In many spiritual traditions the equinox is seen as a time of renewal and transition, a time to let go of the old and welcoming the new, to release what no longer serves us and make space for growth and transformation.

How you can maximize this potent energy portal at Maahi Wellness

At Maahi Wellness we want to bring back the ritual, the celebration and meditation which our ancestors tapped into to open up a powerful spiritual opportunity in the EESystem during every Equinox portal. Don’t miss out on out on this powerful energetic time during the March (spring) Equinox festival on March 20th and March 21st 2024.

What can you expect during the festival

A 3-hour evening session on both of the days(March 20th and 21st)  will include multiple healers leading you through different modalities of healing in the 24-unit EESystem energy room. We will also lead you through a visualization and intention setting process at the beginning of each day where you will experience the possibilities of letting go of the old and inviting the new. This is a powerful time and let’s use it to assist in our healing and ascension.  We invite you to join us to experience and benefit from our March (spring) Equinox festival and spend 3 hours in the EESystem

Our Agenda

Event Schedule with Tabs & Toggles
Opening & Connecting with the Four Elements of Nature
Setting a group intention to activate the healer within
Setting a personal intention to release the old and welcome the new
Sound healing journey
Lay back and meditate break and journal
Breathwork to heal the nervous system with Mia the Medicine Woman
Lay back and meditate and journal
End of event
Opening & Connecting with the Four Elements of Nature
Setting a group intention to activate the healer within
Setting a personal intention to release the old and welcome the new
Group energy healing with Marieke
Lay back and meditate break and journal
Song and Drum circle with Aga
Lay back and meditate and journal
End of event

Festival Pass Pricing

Individual festival pass

(March 20th or March 21)
$ 220

Two day festival pass

(March 20th and March 21)
$ $395

We are limited to 15 spots so book early!

Just remember 3 hours just in the EESystem is avalue of $180 and now with early bird pricing, you will be able to access this during the Equinox portal with multiple other healing options layered onto the scalar frequencies

Embrace your transformation

Your Body

Your Body


Your Mind

Your Mind



Your Enhanced Energy

(in the 24 Unit EESystem)


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New You

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What people are saying about the EESystems?

OUR vision

Wellness For Humanity

The Maahi Wellness Team consists of Dee, Prasad and Sahar. 

We came together as a team to set up Vancouver’s first 24unit EE system because of our common passion to bring wellness to humanity.

Dee has been an entrepreneur for many years and was looking for an opportunity to run an organization that is also in service of others.

Prasad battled chronic illness for over a decade and found incredible results with the EESystem for his own diabetic neuropathy and is passionate about bringing this opportunity to others.

Sahar studied tourism and has been working in areas to bring joy to people’s lives. The invitation to join the Maahi Wellness team deeply aligned with her values to serve humanity and she jumped on it.

Our vision is to create a safe and welcoming space for human-beings whose deepest desire is to be healthy in body, mind and spirit, to be joyful, at ease and feel the zest to live life well.

The word Maahi in Sanskrit means River. Our hope and our desire is that Maahi Wellness brings to you a river of health and wellbeing by creating an environment that allows pain relief, cell regeneration, immune system enhancement, body detoxification, mood elevation and anti-aging benefits.

Maahi Wellness is a family based membership association. Our passion is to create a space where human-beings can recharge themselves and live their life at their fullest potential.

Maahi Team

Why we started the EESystem centre?

Healing Elements


A Private Membership Association 

Maahi Wellness is a boutique private membership association. The services we offer are provided for members only.

Benefits to members only:

  1. Access to the 24 unit Energy Enhancement System
  2. Access to events like meditation, sound bowl healing, plant medicine and yoga sessions run in the 24 unit EE Energy Room
  3. Enter your name into a bi-weekly raffle to win 2 free hours. Every two weeks we will draw a raffle for members and offer 1 free session (2 hours) to the winner

“Plug the body back into cosmic light”

Dr. Sandra R.M., EESystem Inventor

Read the research about EESystems

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