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Maahi 2024 Focus and Themes with the EESystem
2024 Maahi Wellness Themes for the year

Maahi Wellness founder Dee sharing the focus and themes for enjoying and maximizing benefits from the 24 unit EESystem in 2024.

Maahi Wellness is where you can experience 24 Unit EESystem sessions, in Vancouver, BC. Open since October 2023 the centre has grown quickly and also hosts multi-modality experiences and educational workshops to compliment the scalar wave, health enhancing sessions in the EESystem environment.

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Main Topics

Layering multiple healing modalities over the energy enhancement system frequencies for powerful transformational impact

Pairing various healing modalities with EE sessions for quantum shifts in healing. Personal example illustrating profound healing effects through layered modalities in the EESystem room. Plans to offer more events focused on this transformative process.

Creating a 12-month transformational container using the energy enhancement system as a guide for deep healing journey

Two ways to work with the energy enhancement system: as a recharging station or for deeper, long-lasting healing process. Launching a 12-month container guided by healers focusing on nervous system, immune system, and heart chakra healing along with associated traumas.

Building a biohacking team of healers for the EESystem

Testing impact of EESystem and other modalities on body, mind, and emotions. Quantitative and qualitative measurements for understanding changes in individuals. Sharing education and insights with members.

Building a robust community of members around Maahi Wellness

The rise of human consciousness and the Great Awakening. Shifting power from centralized authority to the people. Seeking input on building community through a feedback form.

Maahi Wellness: Feb 17, 2024 Focus/Themes for 2024 Transcript

00:00 :
Hey, beautiful being in today’s video, I’m going to be sharing 4 focus points or themes for the 24 unit EESystem at Mahi Wellness in 2024 My name is Dee and I’m the founder of Maahi Wellness and we are home to the 24 unit EESystem here in Vancouver. All right, let’s dive into the four themes. Theme number one, building a robust community of members around Maahi Wellness. Theme number two is building a biohacking team of healers that are coming together to understand and hack how best to use the powerful frequencies of the energy enhancement system.

00:41 :
Theme number three is layering multiple modalities of healing over the energy enhancement system frequencies in order to create quicker and deeper healing. And theme number four is building a 12 month transformational container where we could create a guideline, A guiding path for you to go through a deeper transformational journey over the period of one year.

01:08 :
Alright, let’s deep dive into every single one of those themes. Theme number one is to build a robust community of like minded members around Maahi Wellness.

01:18 :
I think many of you that are watching this video are very aware of the Great Awakening and the rise of human consciousness. This is truly an unprecedented and revolutionary time to be alive and this time has been prophesied by many of our ancients in their ancient calendars and just from an astrological perspective, Pluto has recently moved on January the twentieth, has moved into the sign Aquarius, and this is the rise of the Aquarian era, which means that power will slowly shift, slowly or quickly shift from centralized authority and centralized bodies and institutions into the hands of the people.

02:00 :
But this requires that people take responsibility for their wellness and personal frequency in order to be able to ride the wave of the shift. The ones that take deeper responsibility for their well-being as well as increasing their personal frequency proactively will have an easier time riding this wave. And in my interactions with our members, one of the things I realized is that there are many like minded people who are taking deep responsibility and radical responsibility for their frequency, for their wellness and are educating themselves and empowering themselves in order to be able to ride this wave of the Great Awakening.

02:41 :
And this is exactly where I would like to create a community of like minded members at Maahi Wellness where we can meet in a regular period of time and come together and exchange ideas and wisdom and empower each other and educate each other. So this is truly a vision I have for 2024 and I do have a few ideas as to what we can do in order to be able to facilitate that.

03:09 :
But because we are building community, one of the things I want to do is outsource, crowd source it to you and ask you what do you think, what do you think the best way to build community is? And if you want to be a part of that community where you meet other similar people with similar ideas that can gather together in the EESystem, then please share those ideas with me. There is a form that’s linked right at the bottom of the video.

03:37 :
If you’re watching this on YouTube, then it’s in the description box of the YouTube video. If you’re watching this on the blog, it’s right at the bottom of the video and you can click on the form and just submit some of your ideas about how best we can build community. And if you want to participate in the community, what is it that you’d like to see.

03:56 :
Theme number two, building a biohacking team within Maahi Wellness to best understand how to work with the energies of the energy enhancement system? The energy enhancement system is truly one of the most powerful technologies for well-being and frequency medicine that we have on the planet today. And it is also an energy field of pure potentiality, which means that it’s really important to understand how best to work with these energies in order to have the most positive outcomes and the quickest healing outcomes for people on all levels of body, mind, emotion and energy.

04:33 :
And this is exactly why I put together a powerful group of healers who are coming together to study and test the impact of the energy enhancement systems on our own bodies. So essentially what we’re doing is not just having regular EE sessions here at Maahi Wellness, but we’re also testing different modalities like breath, sound healing, energy healing, sacred medicine and many other modalities as well in order to measure the impact of each one of these on our bodies and our minds and our emotions.

05:09 :
So we will be doing some measurements as well in order to actually measure the impact. And both these measurements are both quantitative as well as qualitative. Some of the qualitative measurements are understanding changes in mood, resiliency, energy, etc. But some of the quantitative measurements are more along the lines of energy flows, the movement of the chakras before and after, not only before and after sessions, but also over a period of time.

05:37 :
Our vitals, which is respiration, heart rate, blood pressure. And also like blood analysis where we will be testing the impact of our sessions on our own blood. In 2024 we’ve already kicked off the biohacking sessions and we’ve had about 3 sessions so far. And it’s been immensely fascinating to see the impact that these sessions are having on as not just during the session, but potentially even after leading up through the weeks. So it’s going to be a very interesting journey and eventually it’ll culminate into whole body of learning how to work with EESystem frequencies, but also how to work with other modalities layered into the EESystem.

06:21 :
So please stay tuned because this is education that I will definitely be sharing and disseminating to our members. And I think it’s an exciting journey because we are bringing a level of hacking and curiosity and that scientific mind to truly understanding what is hard to understand, which is frequency medicine. So let’s see what we can do with the biohacking journey. Either ways, you’ll hear about it, and I say stay tuned for it.

06:48 :
All right, let’s deep dive into theme number three.

06:51 :
Layering multiple healing modalities over the energy enhancement system frequencies can have a powerful transformational and healing impact. So you’re probably wondering what I mean by multiple healing modalities. It just means that we bring in other forms of healing like sound healing, energy healing, Reiki, breathwork, massage therapy, sacred medicine, red light therapy, hydrogen therapy, etcetera into the EESystem room and pair it with member sessions in the EESystem. And what we find is that when we are pairing multiple modalities together, people are experiencing quantum shifts in healing. And what sometimes this means is that 1 + 1 is not equal to 2 depending on who the person is. 1 + 1 can equal to 3, 1 + 1 can equal to 5, 1 + 1 can equal to 10.

07:43 :
And I’ve also seen 1 + 1 is equal to 100 depending on who the person is. So let me give you this one example. We ran a sacred medicine journey here a few months ago, and I had one person that had come into that journey, and he had never heard of the energy enhancement systems before. He had been in many medicine journeys elsewhere, but this was his first time in a medicine journey in the EESystem. And one of the things he had struggled with since he was in his early twenties is a highly disregulated nervous system. Because he had started a business when he was really young and didn’t know how to manage or run the business effectively and ended up working 80 hours a week and nearly killing himself and burning himself out.

08:27 :
And so that led to a very disregulated nervous system from this immense amount of heightened stress, which also then manifested in terms of intense panic attacks and anxiety attacks. And one of the things he told me after his time in the energy enhancement systems, which was roughly about 10 hours, is that he had never experienced anything like this, even though he had done dozens and dozens and dozens of these journeys. He said that the difference between journeys elsewhere and journeys in the energy enhancement system is that the healing had gone so deep. He had such a disregulated nervous system.

09:07 :
And even though the panic attacks didn’t stop, he observed that the panic, when he did have a panic attack or an anxiety attack, the shake wasn’t in his mind, it was just in his body he could only feel it in his body, not necessarily in his mind. Which if you’ve had panic attacks, you know what that can be like, that the anxiety attack can have a complete hold on your body and your mind. The second thing he said that in the last few years he barely had any appetite because of the disregulated nervous system. And the first thing that came back right after the journey the following day and the day after was his appetite and that in fact that he was eating so much that it almost surprised him that its healing could be that quick, quantum and manifold.

09:52 :
And then the third thing that and the third thing that he shared with me is just a high level of energy that he had and he had so much energy that he didn’t know what to do with it and how to channel it. And that’s typically an experience that I see for many members that come through EESystem and have our overnight sessions or have a prolonged stay in the energy field is that they build really high energy reserves that then that they can then channel into whatever it is that they’re doing. And that is truly my experience as well is that I have seen my own energy reserves increase significantly over the last four or five months of being in the energy field quite a bit.

10:35 :
So having seen how powerful it is to layer modalities in the system, what I what I have decided to do is that we’ll be doing a lot more of that in 2024. So please do watch out for announcements and events that will be showing up so that you can take advantage of this profound transformational process and quantum jumps and healing.

10:57 :
And our final theme, the number 4 is that we are going to be building a 12 month transformational container where you can journey with the EESystem over a 12 month period using a map, a guide that we will create for you.

11:13 :
So my team of healers will create a guiding post or a map for the people that want to go through a 12 month container. And we will guide you through how you can heal your nervous system, your immune system and your heart chakra and all of the associated traumas with the heart chakra on a very deep and transformative level. So there’s two ways that you can work with the energy enhancement system. One way is using it as a battery recharging station and it’s exact and that’s exactly what the energy enhancement system is. Every time we come back in for an hour, two hours, and have a session, one of the things you’re experiencing is that the cellular voltage in your cells is increasing significantly. And that means it’s like taking a cell phone and charging it, which is you’re taking your body and power charging your cells by coming into a one to two hour session in the energy enhancement system.

12:10 :
And the second way to work with the energy enhancement system is to work with the frequencies that can to assist you in a far deeper healing process that can be transformational and long lasting. And for the people that are interested in working with it on an ongoing basis and doing far deeper work we are building this 12 month container. The details about the container are still being fleshed out and we will be rolling that out over the next few months, so definitely do pay attention to it.

12:41 :
And the container itself will be launched in June, on June Solstice on summer Solstice. So please do look out for that information. And a lot of the learnings that we are gaining from our biohacking group and learning about how to best use these frequencies will then be percolating into that container as well, so that we can build in that deeper transformation and deeper healing process for you at every step of the way over the 12 months.

13:10 :
Alright, beautiful being. That brings us to the very end of the video. And don’t forget that we do have a form where we want you to share with us your ideas on how best to build community around Mahi Wellness. You know that I’m always listening to feedback that our community has to offer, so I would love for you to provide your feedback again that form. If you’re watching this on YouTube, that form is being linked in the description box below. It’s also pinned as the first comment on the YouTube channel. And if you’re watching this on the blog, it is right below the video, so you can find a Google form there, click on it and just fill it out there’s only four questions so you can give us some ideas on how best to build Community around mine Mahi Wellness and what it is that you would like to see from Community.

13:57 :
And if you haven’t caught my video on learnings and reflections from the EESystem in 2023 then you can just click right here and watch that video right after this. Ok?

14:09 :
Until next time, then we’ll see you soon at Mahi Wellness or online.

**FORM to fill out to express your interest in joining in a sacred medicine journey during a EESystem group session: –

**FORM to share your ideas on building Maahi community

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