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Maahi EESystem and April Sacred Medicine Journeys

2024 Maahi Wellness Sacred Medicine Jouneys

Maahi Wellness founder Dee shares information about sacred medicine journeys in the 24 unit EESystem in 2024.

Maahi Wellness is where you can experience 24 Unit EESystem sessions, in Vancouver, BC. Open since October 2023 the centre has grown quickly and also hosts multi-modality experiences and educational workshops to compliment the scalar wave, health enhancing sessions in the EESystem environment.

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Main Topics

Core Wounding and Healing the Heart

• Examples of deep core wounds: rejection, abandonment, unworthiness, disconnection.

• Origins of core wounds in childhood due to lack of proper support.

• Importance of shedding layers of hurt and childhood trauma to open the heart.

Living with a Closed Heart vs. an Open Heart

• Manifestations and indicators of living with a closed heart.

• Benefits and characteristics of living with an open heart.

• Relationship between trust in life, self-love, and deeper connections when living with an open heart.

Sacred Medicine Journey and Nervous System Relaxation

• Link between the nervous system’s fight or flight response and closed hearts.

• Role of sacred medicine journey in relaxing the nervous system for healing the heart.

• Details about upcoming sacred medicine journeys on April 7th and April 28th.


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Maahi Wellness: Sacred Medicine Journeys April 2024 Transcript

Date 2024-03-30

00:00 :
A beautiful being. In today’s video, I wanted to talk about the core wounding of the heart and a sacred medicine journey that we will be running in the month of April in order to help heal some of the deeper core wounding of the heart. When I’m talking about core wounding, what is it that I’m referring to? Some examples of the deep core wounds that we carry within our heart are feeling rejection. Abandonment, feeling unworthy, feeling like we don’t deserve, and feeling disconnected from life, from ourselves, and from our life purpose.

00:32 :
And why is it that we have these core wounds to begin with? For many of us, these core wounds began very early in our childhood because essentially, we weren’t held, seen, or listened to or in the way that we deserve to be held, seen and listened to. And as a result of which the heart closed so that it could develop a protective mechanism to keep us safe and to protect us from the harsh disappointments. And as a part of the human experience, many of us carry these core wounds in some degree or the other.

01:08 :
So what does it mean to live with a closed heart? Often to live with a closed heart could manifest in one or several ways it could manifest in some of the following ways that there is a deep fear of relationships because we expect abandonment and rejection. And these relationships could be intimate relationships with a partner, or it could just be friendships or relationships with our family members. There’s a lack of ability to connect with the self and experience deeper self love.

01:35 :
Truly experiencing self love is our birthright. And so when we feel disconnected from ourselves and can’t experience that deeper self love, it’s usually an indicator that there is a closed heart and there’s some core wounding of the heart. Unable to connect with life, unable to connect with the purpose, our purpose in life. Unable to connect with other human beings in a deeper way and feeling very numb a sense of feeling numb.

02:04 :
Like everything in life is in a standstill and that we are somehow removed from life is another indicator of living with a closed heart. Not feeling worthy like we deserve abundance that abundance and worthiness is for some other person but not for me not feeling like we deserve to be in our purpose and to shine our light. The fear that if we engage with certain opportunities that life is offering us that we will deeply get hurt. So we rather protect ourselves and not engage with people or not engage with opportunities.

02:36 :
Afraid of making changes in our life because of feelings again, of abandonment and rejection and getting hurt. So often there is a feeling when we live with a closed heart or just being stuck like we’re grinding our gears. Now let’s talk about what it means to live with an open heart. When we live with an open heart, there is a sense of flow because there is a deeper trust in life we trust in ourselves we trust in our ability to just flow through life. And then as a result, there is deeper flow and ease feeling, more oneness with the world, with the cosmos, with ourselves feeling like we understand ourselves we feel deeply connected to ourselves we’re connected to the inner compass of our life, which is the guiding compass.

03:23 :
So we feel that deeper sense of self love and we also as a result feel a deeper connection with people. We trust more in life, we trust more in ourselves and therefore we trust in other people. Living with an open heart also means that we understand and we know experientially in our body that we really can’t be rejected or we can’t be abandoned because nobody has the power to reject or abandoned us we can choose to.

03:53 :
We can just we can choose as to who comes into our life and who we engage with. And if it doesn’t serve us anymore, we can let them go with love instead of feeling harsh feelings of disappointment, rejection, and abandonment. So the result of being able to live with an open heart is that we’re just much more open to receiving life’s gifts and engaging with life in a deeper way, without the fear that what if I lose what I’m given and therefore get hurt? There is this deeper understanding that there is no way for us to get hurt that life has a way of always taking care of us and as long as we follow that deeper compass of our heart, that inner knowing and that inner guidance of our heart, we will be led to where we need to be led and we will succeed in the way that we need to succeed both in relationships and in our life purpose.

04:50 :
And again, for many of us, the process of freeing the heart is a process of really gently shedding away layers of hurt and childhood trauma. So this is exactly why we are designing this sacred medicine journey where we invite you to join us to explore how you can shed the next layer that helps you sort of like start to open your heart. And before I talk about the sacred medicine journey, I do want to talk about one thing really quickly, which is the relationship between our heart and our nervous system. For many of us, our nervous system is in deep fight or flight because of the way our world is architected to constantly put us in some form of stress of the other as a result of which the nervous system is really taxed and is in fight or flight.

05:41 :
So it always creates this low level anxiety in our nervous system which also results in US feeling very disconnected, restless and anxious. So one of the important things to understand is that when we want to work with the heart we the first thing, the first step really for us is to start to relax the nervous system. When the nervous system starts to relax and move from that fight or flight anxious state to a more peaceful rest and digest parasympathetic state, then only can we work with the heart in a deeper way because the heart then feels safe when the nervous system is relaxed, the entire body gets the message that the heart that gets the message that the body feels safe.

06:27 :
And when our bodies feel safe then the heart is given the permission to start to open itself. So this is a very important relationship and this is exactly why we are creating the sacred medicine journey in the EU system field, so that we can start to open the heart very gently. Because the E system is primarily a nervous system enhancement and support field. So there’s enough research to show that even with just two hours in the energy enhancement system, the nervous system goes from that sympathetic fight or flight response to a more parasympathetic state of rest and digest which is very quick considering how over stimulated and over activated most of our nervous systems are.

07:12 :
And often one of the first things people tell me after 2 hour session in the system is that they just feel centered they feel peaceful, they slept well that night. They woke up feeling very Zen and that carries through for a day or two. And that’s usually the indicator that the nervous system has started to relax. So given that the energy enhancement system is such a beautiful nervous system enhancing and relaxing and healing field, we wanted to layer the scalar frequencies that relax and heal the nervous system with medicine that helps to start healing the heart and opening the heart. And effectively when the nervous system relaxes, the heart starts to open when the heart starts to open, the nervous system relaxes further and this creates a beautiful virtuous cycle where people can journey very deep and heal in a very deep way.

08:11 :
So This is why on April seventh and april twenty eighth we will be running a sacred medicine journey to begin the process of freeing the heart. So the question is, what does it feel like to be in sacred medicine? The first thing is that we arrive very deeply into the body. We’re very present to what the body, what is showing up in the body, and to what the body is trying to show us in order to heal the heart. We feel a heightened sense, like a heightening of our senses we can feel our emotions very deeply.

08:41 :
If the emotions have gotten blocked because of certain traumas, we can start to experience and feel them very deeply. When the things we buried as a defense mechanism can finally be seen, they can be faced, they can be released. And because the medicine we’re working with is a very gentle medicine, it does this in a very loving way. Gentle doesn’t mean that it’s not potent and that you won’t have a very deep experience. Gentle just means that it’s done in a way that doesn’t hurt you in the long run, and because of the E system as well, you can feel very safe and feel very protected because of the team of healers that will be surrounding you.

09:22 :
So this is just a high level of what it means to be in a sacred medicine journey and to start and to begin working with the healing of the heart. If this is something that you feel called to do, please reach out to us at Say Hello at and I’d be happy to hop on a call with you and give you a few few more details. If you’ve never worked with Sacred Medicine before in on April seventh, What we’re going to be doing is that we’ll run a Dip your Toes into Medicine journey, which is a very short journey.

09:54 :
So you can first experience what it’s like to be in Sacred medicine in the E system. And then if you’re ready to do a far more deeper and immersive journey, then on April the twenty eighth we have a 10 hour journey in the EE system where we stack scalar frequencies, sacred medicine as well as sound medicine. Sound itself is a powerful force to move trauma and help move stuck energies. And in the last journey that we ran with the same medicine in February, most of the participants were able to travel on the sound with the medicine to heal very deeply.

10:31 :
And because the scale of frequencies create a deep sense of safety that allows people to journey deeply, our participants found that they could really unravel some very.

10:47 :
Deep core wounds of the heart. So if you feel curious or you’re interested about joining the journey, please do get in touch with me. I do want to let you know that on the day of the journey we have 3 facilitators that will be guiding, supporting and holding space. And each one of these healers is trauma informed, which is extremely important for holding space in such a deep in such deep, profound life transforming work. And many of them have actually trained for several years in order to be able to provide space with this medicine.

11:21 :
So again, like I said, if you are curious and you want to know more than get in, touch, email at mahi wellness.

11:31 :
L O at mahi wellness dot com and i’d be happy to jump on a call with you and see whether this is the right fit for you. Alright, beautiful being until next time, we’ll see you soon.

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